In my recent work the “Dressed Form” I have combined my skills as a seamstress and mixed media artist into crafting life-size paper dresses. I enjoy working with paper transforming the pattern tissues into folded and sculpted paper dresses.

The Series: Dressed Formed begins with stripping the reclaimed forms to its bare bones of compressed cardboard, rusted screws, and metal stays. The skeletal frames are transformed into elegant sartorial figures that are forever clothed in pattern tissue. These clothed forms explore the notion of the fragility and impermanent nature of paper. Tissue paper while fragile and translucent holds a quality of strength and durability.



The tiles and spools constructions are a variety of mixed media that consist of salvaged, reclaimed, found objects, monoprints, type-case draws, and antique Chinese window screens. The constructs have a capricious element that combines memories, emotions, nostalgia all connected to a personal view. I utilize a variety of techniques in the creation of the constructions that marries painting, antiquing, and collage. The Constructs become richly textured objects of curiosity that resonant with tactile evidence of history, function, and iconography.